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Bored of the plain walls or uninspiring art?  Take a moment and look. Really look. What do you see? Allow the depth of colours and lines to whisk you into a fantasy world - one where you forget everything around you, giving you the opportunity to appreciate and reconnect with the simple, yet finer things in life.

Through illustrations, paintings and photography, this artwork created by Hyacinth Charles provides a medium to indulge your visual senses and stimulate your imagination. These pieces liven up any locale and are great for the home, the office, hallway or lobby walls.

We not quite ready to launch an operational e-commerce store yet, but we still want to give you the opportunity to select from a delightful collection of original and uniquely created pieces that will surely put a smile on your face as well as those who enter your space. 

Simply select the piece you'd like to purchase and send us an email with the item number and we will contact you to complete processing of your request. Please ensure you ready our terms and conditions of purchase.

Happy shopping!


Tulips herald the start of spring. Hang a picture in kid's room to remind them all through the year of the beauty of spring that awaits!

Item Code: TNC-001

Three Tulips
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