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Classy. It's As Simple As That!

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Simply Sophisticated is the photography studio arm of The nth Creative. This is the engine room for all your photography needs including your personal branding goals.  It is where the simple is transformed into something that is absolutely beautiful and sophisticated. We make you look...Classy. It's as simple as that!

The SS signature is a sign of our quality of work, which we do with love, passion, precision, professionalism and pride. We are very meticulous about our craft and we want you to have a pleasant and memorable experience when you engage us in your project. We take the time to get to know you and educate you on what to expect from our service to you.​ Essentially, we put our heart into it.

Creating your personal story

Bringing your ideas to life

Beautifying your treasured spaces

We love portraiture. We love food. We shoot both! 

  • Contemporary/Stylized Portraits

  • Personal Branding

  • Headshots

  • Family/Generations  

  • Food

  • Product

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Whatever your age, shape, size or belief you hold in yourself,  it doesn't matter to us. Our job is to emphasize the beauty that is already you and help you see that. We've observed the sad trend that many people have a low self esteem and they shy away from great photography experiences often saying that they're not beautiful enough,  not slim enough, not photogenic enough, or not enough of this or that.

Whatever your excuse, we encourage you not to miss out on a wonderful opportunity to see a transformed you. Don't limit yourself to the standard of poor quality of images others have taken (snapped) of you or fall prey to the lie that you're not good enough.


We will give you one of the best experiences you'll ever have when you book a session with us. Besides having a fun time, we will help create memories and awesome images for you that will last for generations to come. You are special, unique and worth every ounce of it!

We take pride in making you look your best.  From your hair, to your makeup, your clothes, right down to colour coordination, we will help you with that or ensure everything you come with is good to go. During the shoot we will direct you so you don't have to worry about how to pose.


Whether you are looking for a make-over to feel extra special, a headshot for your professional profile or simply to engrave those special family or friendship moments in history, we are here to help make your dream a reality.


Take a step of faith and book your session now! 

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