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I'm Hyacinth, a portrait photographer based in Scarborough, Ontario. For as long as I could remember, I always had a love for photography. From capturing personal events and nature I developed a passion for portraits, food and product photography.

With the proliferation of phone and digital cameras, I'm sure you can take your own pictures; but I'm also certain your cherished moments get stuck in the pixel and is at risk of never being seen or preserved in a meaningful way for generations to come.

My desire is to create for you unforgettable experiences and images that could be displayed  on your walls, coffee tables or mantels...images that constitute your unique moments crystallized in works of custom and curated art. Is there a better conversation piece that will get your gatherings at home or the office chatty?

And if you're a professional and need that something that will reflect you or your business, I'm here to help you set the tone for your next portrait or branding project.


When you engage me in your project, whatever your goal is, essentially, I aim to make you look...Classy. It's as simple as that!

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